Being bullied on the school bus? This is what happened to Ben….

Ben tried to deal with the bullying

This story first appeared in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald  in April 2014.    In December 2006, parents Paul and Caroline Vodden experienced a devastating and life-changing event – their 11-year-old son Ben committed suicide. What could … [Read more...]

A levels – isn’t it wonderful that teenagers will pass or fail in three hours?

A mum's view of changes to the A level

The Government has announced A levels are changing. Qualifications will now be based solely upon the ability to pass or fail within a three-hour window of time after two years' of study. When I'm writing for anyone else, I would write about … [Read more...]

Welcome to the school which has no bullies! (Really?)

Is your child being bullied?

Today I felt a flash of anger - as the issue of bullying came up in the news yet again. For us in the west, there's a very sad news story about a young girl who died from hanging in Somerset. Her parents have spoken at the inquest of bullying at … [Read more...]

When you left school, how did you feel? Share your experience.

Before you know it - she's 18.....

My stepdaughter is a few days away from finishing school, A levels completed. It's a time that she, and many like her, have been waiting for - that moment when you are free and able to take charge of your own destiny. Or is it? Looking back, I … [Read more...]