In God’s waiting room – Mandela and Jean?

Remembering Will Filer....

Today I'm writing about something very personal - something which those who are connected with me on Facebook may well have picked up already. The truth is my godmother, who was 93 on Saturday, is dying. She's slowly slipping away to whatever … [Read more...]

What was Margaret Thatcher’s legacy for my family?

It's just a lovely picture...

When Margaret Thatcher died last week, I was surprised by the strength of feeling that event provoked in me. I might as well state now that I grew up in a working class family in Somerset under MT's governance. However I did not know her and I do … [Read more...]

Gary Speed commits suicide – should we be asking why?

Gary Speed's family face an uphill struggle to deal with his death...

The untimely death of footballer and Wales football manager  Gary Speed has made me reflect over the last few days. How much do we really know about those around us? What is it like to face such a tragedy in a family? I didn't know Gary Speed, … [Read more...]

9/11 Ten years on – terror attack or not?

Ten years after 9/11 - Question Time

Question Time has returned and they are talking about 9/11 - not surprising given this weekend's tenth anniversary. But just before that on BBC3 was a programme involving a group of young people being taken around America who were all convinced … [Read more...]

9/11 the firemen’s story – what it meant to me

What would you tell your child?

I have this need to watch programmes about 9/11 - it was event which left an indelible mark on my psyche and last night was no exception. On watching the programme, The Firemen's Story (Channel 4 or 5) and those remarkable pictures I remember … [Read more...]


Have you seen the mob mentality close up?

I'm listening to Question Time talking about riots as I'm writing this. Here in Swindon, for three evenings in a row there has been rumour and counter-rumour about trouble in the town centre. To my knowledge, nothing's happened.   Shops … [Read more...]

Amy Winehouse – a mother’s view

Is a bottle of beer really a tribute to a dead addict?

Sometimes the media captures a moment in time of an element of society. The pictures of the tributes to Amy Winehouse’s sad death this week show bottles of beer and cider placed carefully among the flowers and candles in Camden. It’s like her fans … [Read more...]