I Think Excellent Customer Service Is More Important Than Ever – Do You Agree?

Good customer service is very important to me - is it important to you? In fact during 2014, I made a point of praising anyone who gave me, or my family, excellent service and being very clear when service was not up to scratch. One mantra I've … [Read more...]

What are you talking about on the train? Giving up secrets?

Be careful what you say...

How many of us have been on a train journey and had to listen to someone talking loudly on their phone? Can this be harmful? Is this something we should be careful about? Most of these calls involve talking to someone to tell them we're on our … [Read more...]

Review an example of good customer service – from a car dealership….

Big bill for my car service....or was it?

Anyone who reads my blogs frequently will know that I hate bad customer service with a passion - I truly believe we should not put up with it. However it then means that when I suffer bad customer service - and it's put right that I should shout … [Read more...]

Am I a special customer? Or am I a pain in the backside?


It's the Easter holidays and I've taken a few days off to spend time with my children.  I'm not alone in this of course. When I do take time off with the children and we spend a few days out and about - one thing which really bugs me is poor … [Read more...]

Worst customer service award of 2012 so far? Thomas Cook

Are you dealing with Thomas Cook? Expedia? Travelscape? Or men from Mars?...

I hate poor customer service - it's one of those things which drives me completely mad. This personal story, which is currently unfolding, smacks of everything that's wrong about companies taking customers for granted. And it reminds me of a little … [Read more...]