High drama outside bedroom window!

police car parked across road

As I was quietly contemplating today's first new blog post, one literally popped into my head. Well, 'pop' is not quite the right word, more like 'screeched'. I'm not joking. On the little housing estate where I live, it is quite sedate so loud … [Read more...]

Juror jailed over social media chat about court case

child showing just mouth with finger up as if saying ssshhh!

Only a week or so ago I warned about chattering about court cases on social media sites. Mad really, given how much I like to chatter myself. But there's chatter - and there's chatter. Talking about a court case when you've little knowledge of how … [Read more...]

Judge issues warning about Twitter

child putting finger in front of face as if to say ssshhhh

It seems timely that my blog post about Twitter and court proceedings came up in the news today (June 7). The BBC was reporting this morning that a judge has warned people that if they Twitter inappropriately from his court room and information gets … [Read more...]

Are you having a twitter? Even when in court?

image of black bird with red face walking with something in beak

There’s been much debate in media circles about the growing use of Twitter in court rooms.     Attending court, especially if it’s a high profile case, is interesting and bizarrely exciting. So it’s not surprising that people … [Read more...]