I don’t want to talk about Rebekah or Charlie Brooks – okay?

Don't tell tall stories online - stick to the truth....

We all know it was all over the news yesterday, don't we? Among the chatter and noise, there were a few voices of reason - saying 'shut up!', 'contempt of court'. I responded to a couple. Is this going to be the case where the social media chatter … [Read more...]

Ever made a mistake? Review it!

Be careful when accusing a journalist of making a mistake - it could bite you!

What's the worst mistake you've ever made? I'd love to know --- and what did you do about it? I recently read in my local newspaper a letter from a new restaurant owner in Swindon about a review written by a journalist. She's attended his/her … [Read more...]

Juror jailed over social media chat about court case

child showing just mouth with finger up as if saying ssshhh!

Only a week or so ago I warned about chattering about court cases on social media sites. Mad really, given how much I like to chatter myself. But there's chatter - and there's chatter. Talking about a court case when you've little knowledge of how … [Read more...]