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HAVING an interest in consumer affairs means I often have to look in details about issues around insurance.   For example, you won't find me paying hundreds to insure my new washing machine as, I believe, it's hardly ever worth the cost and … [Read more...]

Motorhome story – a pr dilemma?

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Last week I described a scenario to you where a police officer had almost come to blows with a company over the purchase of a very expensive motorhome.   To re-cap, the £40,000 vehicle was a lemon and the company was refusing to replace it, … [Read more...]

Motorhome dilemma – what would you do? pr opportunity?

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MOTORHOME DILEMMA – WHAT WOULD YOU DO? THE FOLLOWING STORY IS TRUE… You are a journalist working on a national television show which often deals with consumer issues. You speak to a police officer who’s having problems with a company … [Read more...]