Happy New Year – my top ten festive moans…..

The Scott family Christmas tree - design is not our forte, variety and interest is....

It's 2013 and welcome to my Christmas and New Year top ten pet hates about the festive and holiday season. Everyone has to have a rant now and then - ┬áme more than most. So this week it's the things which irritate me about Christmas and the New … [Read more...]

Review of two films in UK cinemas now – what do you think?

Cheetah sitting on anthill in Mara Kenya

I love the cinema - really, really love it. But I don't always get time to see all the films I'd like so recently I had a cinema day - yes I went twice in a day. It's a quite surreal thing to do, especially at this time of year. It can feel like … [Read more...]

Review my review of Swindon’s pantomime Cinderella with Keith Chegwin.

Great entertainment to invoke the Christmas spirit.....

Each year in Swindon we go to the pantomime as a family - often on Christmas Eve - and it's become part of our Christmas experience. This year it was Cinderella with Keith Chegwin as Buttons. It was extra special for me as I'd had the privilege of … [Read more...]

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda or M&S? Which one gets your vote at Christmas?

The fridge is  full of Christmas food - finally.....

Today we did a mega-shopping day visiting four supermarkets in a single day to get all the things on my ridiculous Christmas shopping list. I think that puts me in a good position to assess the supermarkets' readiness for December 23 - probably … [Read more...]

Could you be a stand-up comedian? Are you the next Billy Connelly?

Could you do stand-up comedy! I know I wouldn't have the bottle.....

Christmas is a really good time to review television programmes for a blogger like me as part of my celebrations involves seeking out interesting and offbeat programmes. Last night I watched Imagine...the Art of Stand-Up (Part One) and I really … [Read more...]

Are we less festive this Christmas? What do you think?

Lights indoors but what's happened to the outdoor decorations?

This week, I've really cracked on with the Christmas shopping - but I have noticed a real difference with the atmosphere around shopping this year. Or is it my imagination? As usual I've bought loads online - but have also had my credit card … [Read more...]

Christmas cookbooks – a big turkey?


Christmas is fast approaching and the cookbook industry is selling hard. The season is used as a marketing tool to sell the perfect lifestyle and provide a guide to the perfect day. What is bothering me is the profusion of Christmas cookbooks. … [Read more...]