Are you a South West entrepreneur thinking ‘why bother with Twitter’?

Fiona 2013 - 3

Today I was asked to write a blog post about Twitter - so I'm happy to oblige. Why? Well, as a media consultant and journalist I often hear comments like 'why bother with Twitter?' or 'I'm on Twitter but I've no idea what to do'. These phrases are … [Read more...]

Three poor excuses for not taking part in difficult interviews.

Today I want to talk about some of the things journalists are asked to when they approach organisations for an interview - particularly when that interview might be difficult. This might be a business which is facing some kind of legal action, … [Read more...]

Now I really have got a little Klout! – Have you?

What's your number?

Today I have done a little dance around the room because my Klout score has gone up to 65 - the highest it's ever been. This may seem like a small victory but it's taken me four years to get to 60 and a week to jump five points - so I believe … [Read more...]

I don’t want to talk about Rebekah or Charlie Brooks – okay?

Don't tell tall stories online - stick to the truth....

We all know it was all over the news yesterday, don't we? Among the chatter and noise, there were a few voices of reason - saying 'shut up!', 'contempt of court'. I responded to a couple. Is this going to be the case where the social media chatter … [Read more...]

Bristol’s gorillas are up for sale? Want one?

Gorillas with style......

In the south west tonight there's a little fundraising event going on in Bristol - ¬†gorillas are being auctioned off. Price tag - up to ¬£10,000 each.¬† What? I hear you exclaim. Yes, this is one of several very successful 'stunts' that this area … [Read more...]