Being bullied on the school bus? This is what happened to Ben….

Ben tried to deal with the bullying

This story first appeared in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald  in April 2014.    In December 2006, parents Paul and Caroline Vodden experienced a devastating and life-changing event – their 11-year-old son Ben committed suicide. What could … [Read more...]

Racism in schools today – does it happen? What do you think?

Life isn't black or white....

Racism has been on my mind this week for three reasons. One I'm making a film for broadcast which, by its nature, brings up issues of racism. The film is not about racism but the subject matter means that it's inevitable that it's discussed during … [Read more...]

Welcome to the school which has no bullies! (Really?)

Is your child being bullied?

Today I felt a flash of anger - as the issue of bullying came up in the news yet again. For us in the west, there's a very sad news story about a young girl who died from hanging in Somerset. Her parents have spoken at the inquest of bullying at … [Read more...]

Cyber-bullying….are you at risk? Or a family member? Consider this….

Would you notice if a cyber-bully targeted you?

Cyber bullying - we've all heard of it haven't we? In this age of social mediaand the freedom of the internet, there are risks.   People can be lovely, supportive, connected but occasionally someone can be vile or abusive. Or just plain … [Read more...]