Tuition fees – they’re a great idea? Aren’t they?

Facing the future - to pay or not to pay? for university.

Today was a proud day for me - my beautiful step-daughter embraced the spotlight and appeared on BBC1 in the West presenting a film about tuition fees. In a short film for regional current affairs programme Inside Out West, she talked about the … [Read more...]

Pontins – do you want to go there on holiday now?

Fancy having a holiday here? If so, send us a review...

Anyone watch Watchdog tonight? You know the programme you 'cannot afford to miss'. BBC 1 - Thursday? If you are in business and you want to know anything about handling a negative story, you must tune in.   Tonught was a classic. Under … [Read more...]

9/11 Ten years on – terror attack or not?

Ten years after 9/11 - Question Time

Question Time has returned and they are talking about 9/11 - not surprising given this weekend's tenth anniversary. But just before that on BBC3 was a programme involving a group of young people being taken around America who were all convinced … [Read more...]

Gadgets, Stephen Fry and me!

What gadget stands out for you?

I can't help but watch this Channel 4 programme about Stephen Fry's 100 gadgets. I'm falling for this latest in a long line of 'Top 100 this or that' and I can't help it. Does someone as intelligent as Stephen Fry like the same gadgets as me, … [Read more...]