You know that hidden antique? It’s time to Flog It!

Paul doing his 'thing' in front of camera

Today's blog is somewhat different from many as I'm going to appeal to anyone living in Wiltshire, Bath, Somerset or round about to come along and meet me, in person, at Longleat on Thursday July 18! Well I'm exaggerating a little - I don't really … [Read more...]

Hope in the midst of horror – the killing of a soldier in Woolwich

Let's not let anger and fear make us blind to the good things.....

A young soldier is attacked and killed in full public view on our streets, seemingly by extremists intent on creating fear and panic among the population at large. An act of violence and abomination. A  terrible, terrible event for the family, … [Read more...]

Welcome to the school which has no bullies! (Really?)

Is your child being bullied?

Today I felt a flash of anger - as the issue of bullying came up in the news yet again. For us in the west, there's a very sad news story about a young girl who died from hanging in Somerset. Her parents have spoken at the inquest of bullying at … [Read more...]

Review the work of a working class poet – The Hammerman and PR.

Brave cast members of The Hammerman wait for us to get on with it on Uffington White Horse

I don't think people often think of Swindon as being a hub of the arts - yet it most certainly is - and in one small way I can prove it. Yesterday, on BBC West's Inside Out programme, a film I'd made with colleague and friend Graham Carter about … [Read more...]

Childcare costs preventing you from working? What’s the story?

By working, my children have more opportunities to do things....

BBC's Panorama ran a programme about the cost of childcare in the UK for working parents. It's a hot potato but nothing new for a parent like me who has always worked since having my first child over 12 years ago. Inevitably it brought out those who … [Read more...]

Has the murder of Stephen Lawrence made you reflect? Are you rascist?

Rascism can be fought - one step at a time....

Stephen Lawrence was a young man murdered by rascists. We've known this for 18 years. Many of us have looked at the Lawrence family and been inspired by their dignity in the face of such horror - again and again and again. It seems that we should … [Read more...]

Review of my year – what was 2011 like for you?

Reflecting on life during 2011.....

Today seems the right day to review my year in all aspects of my life - it's a cathartic experience and helps get things in perspective. Professionally it's been a good year. For Fiona the journalist - I've made several films covering subjects … [Read more...]

Could you be a stand-up comedian? Are you the next Billy Connelly?

Could you do stand-up comedy! I know I wouldn't have the bottle.....

Christmas is a really good time to review television programmes for a blogger like me as part of my celebrations involves seeking out interesting and offbeat programmes. Last night I watched Imagine...the Art of Stand-Up (Part One) and I really … [Read more...]

Tuition fees – they’re a great idea? Aren’t they?

Facing the future - to pay or not to pay? for university.

Today was a proud day for me - my beautiful step-daughter embraced the spotlight and appeared on BBC1 in the West presenting a film about tuition fees. In a short film for regional current affairs programme Inside Out West, she talked about the … [Read more...]

Pontins – do you want to go there on holiday now?

Fancy having a holiday here? If so, send us a review...

Anyone watch Watchdog tonight? You know the programme you 'cannot afford to miss'. BBC 1 - Thursday? If you are in business and you want to know anything about handling a negative story, you must tune in.   Tonught was a classic. Under … [Read more...]