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If the narrow bridge of tissue connecting the two portions of the

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the disease including glands secondarily affected one ought to operate.

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everything but the tubercle bacillus and the subsequent staining with

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ceased and even after glandular enlargement has disappeared are not

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Under the above named circumstances it would scarcely be fair to hold

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tion extends over three months. Three courses are given in each year.

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This instrtjment combines 1 a very portable stethoscope 2 a Ihei

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the end of two days hydrochloric acid gas of an equal volume acted

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Pathologicil and Physiological Sections were also indebted to these

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chest resonance at the right apex were slightly impaired breathing

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students which increase of at least 75 per cent in the number

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ment made by regimentalists that under the new system the men are not

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The Act abolishing the Queen s and establishing the Royal University consti

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Mr. MiLLiCAN Kineton said that in a microscopic slide which he

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were thoroughly cleansed If so the instances bear out what I

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second division who has not already passed the first. All candidates

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Evesham also gave po and exerted himself to collect funds for the

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duties and probably the first persons to complain would be his present

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thereupon gave information to the police. The coroner characterised

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Jenner of our time with patience and sagacity worthy of the great

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Ballachey of Glasgow Edward Armitaee Richard P. Halliday John O.

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well nourished. There were no marks of injury externally excepting

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Churchill. A history of the museum and of the different editions of the

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last lumbar vertebra. The colon twisted on itself and not subdivided

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Death of Mr John A. Spenxer. This gentleman died at his

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of the Fulham Board of Guardians it was unanimously resolved that

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not the faintest trace of odour was perceptible. This I think was due

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arrived at from such premisses I have technically nothing to do. I

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surely from the analogies presented by the higher plants this is only

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when thus septic the disease produced is invariably septicismia. We

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randum papers explaining the nature and objects of the investigations

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engraving a reserve space is also made as a receptacle for the storage

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tes icle is always a feeble useless atfair. Its removal saves the patient

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anchorage. Further north the whole coast may be visited through

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tory of ordinary dysentery or hcemorrhoids there is a something in

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officer and twenty nine teamen and marines on txianl. The ship made

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he thought by the Fulham Hospital on the neighbourhood surrounding

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doubtedly autogenetic to measles and scarlatina which are commonly

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neuroglia was abnormally thick and the trabeculae passing into the

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iif motion was only slightly increased by repeated forcible bone setting

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it cannot be right for patients to descend again to common levels