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arrived when the hospitals may fairly claim the right in the event
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all deaths among the poor. These diseases we know are
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Appliances under the superintendence of the Professor of Surgery
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in which patients with brain disease averred that they saw double with
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was followed by h. emorrhage from the wound. It was easily com
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proved that the disease was contracted while he resided in the hos
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Rees accordingly recommended the sanitary authority to make a
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Whatever the amount of suspicion that might have arisen in the
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that ending.March 4th. The majority of the houses in which the fever
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title to a perpetual ticket. Clinical Jlcdicine and Clinical Surgery
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of the wound and by a general boggy fulness extending between thi
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small swelling in the axilla about the size of a walnut. It remained
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centres is urged by the author and he believes that as these cases
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not been dressed with the frequency which certain of the wounded con
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the branch registrar by whom he was originally registered immediate
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And with the dismal record of death from hcemorrhage before me in
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medical intellect had been upset by Lacnnec s discovery. Physicians
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December 1st a group of vesicles appeared on the right side of the
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the shortest of any medical officer of health in the United Kingdom
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Dewes the President the sincere sympathy of the memt ers of the
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concentration uf the poison being more frequent when the wards were
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was sufficiently well to be taken home. She passed a quiet night and
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raised to Brigade Surgeons two Surgeons Major of the lower grade
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Vallin considered that it was not reasonable at present to demand the
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amount of thought on a student of average or inferior inteUigence
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The after progress of the case was most satisfactory. There was no
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special hospital ward with all hospital facilities and assistances I might
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ist 1879 posscsscil only single qualifications. The nineteen l gt odie gt
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Malpighian cell. These nuclei lie closely packed for the most pari
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eighteenth clause it is Ihc business of ihe Cencral Medical Council lo
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to the prestige of the service which had done admirable work for
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the present fashions in dress might influence opinion and so assist in
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for nearly twenty years and it is to lie legrcited that the scientific
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large majority. To my astonishment it was ruled by the Chairman
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were like in some respects to did not entirely accord with those of
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in proportion with the increasing distance from the h ..
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Second Class. The Passcrcaux sparrows etc. which includes the medical
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ordered. At the expiration of four months both lungs were resonant
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ceptionally low and did not exceed 14.3. In the three principal Dutch
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and I would therefore. aHvU urh of my brother practitioners who dtsfiente their
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