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of the most illustrious physicians of the present century Palmam qui
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brated sons of Cos who first emancipated medicine from the trammels
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Thomas Watson Sir Erasmus Wilson Mr. Erichscn Mr. William
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striking condition at first observed was the great dilatation of the pupils
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We extract part of the quotation from Mr. Symonds s paper which
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have had phthisical husbands. One had nothing wrong with her chest
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in their stringency would be welcomed as no small boon by many
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John Turner equal George Buchan Andrew Hosie George Vincent George
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tional chloroform. He inhaled it a few times and then the breathing
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the Subconjunctival Method including a new plan for correcting
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The total number of deaths registered for the ten days from the 24th
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The next morning she was lying on her back with her legs drawn
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