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Dr. Shattuck certainly fully justified his introduc

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An Invaluable Discovery in the Preparation of Opinm.

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tion demonstrating that in the operated testicle there

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Extracts from The Effects of Sohbte 3 igitoxin upon the

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we could say inferenbally that the variety of splenic anemia which

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Edmunds 7 in 1907 examined three tinctures made from German

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rate study of this disease prepared by Prof. John Gamgee

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ulcer partially dosing the pylorus. A posterior gastro

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Treatment The animal should be put in a roomy stall

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the subjects embraced in the curriculum of this College.

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With proper care especially in regard to sparing the voice

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The diagnosis will depend mainly upon the inspection and

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tant in this connection is the report of a case by Richter.

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human blood may simply be an indication that the individual has

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r rding marital relations. Sexual congress is prohibited during

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blotched in its upper half with deep orange red. Choroidal vessels

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the wet sheet packing followed by ablutions and bandages

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tion however the gain in woght usually sets in rapidly as is seen

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at 11 o clock A.M. on the 7th of November and about

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severity of the cough and the paucity of the expectoration is