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found his condition becoming more critical and his pupils unaffected

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Hyeres as the title indicates is the most southern point of France

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The case now detailed is one of many in my experience which do

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into the urethra and with dressing forceps withdrew the remainder of

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and Mr. er ue Edwards then the resident medical officer gave a most

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more or less frequency and variety. In many asylums the number of

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tions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 during part of the winter

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The rise of gout ad its sequences are connected with excess

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building then consisted of four wards and an attic storey with a central

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this book with unusual success owing no doubt in a great measure to

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died as a direct result of it. One patient with strangulated inguinal

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ing colon. The mesentery of the descending colon is still very.ibund

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ment in the remainder of the cases the treatment consisted of

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Governmenl Board ordered a public inquiry to be held into the cir

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hospital sending H. E. Salem Pasha his chief physician three or

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outwards to the swelling near the axilla and another cavity communi

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