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siderable element of hysteria in the patients who suffered from them
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The sceptists however maintain that this reasoning is essentially false
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My chief object in bringing these cases before the meeting is to call
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And now there could be no doubt as to the malignant character of
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ginal observations. Some of these are decidedly amusing for
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fatality of all the zymotic diseases except whooping cough. Kven
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Another medical man writing to myself says that he had been
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blems which lie ungrasped before us. And in explanation of what I
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Lecture VI describes sprains twists and wrenches of the spine
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from 23.5 in Philadelphia to 40.5 in New Voik Diarrhceal diseases
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and Perth however the percentage was considerably greater. Diar
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Victoria Hospital for Children Queen s Road Chelsea.
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V co s address an animated discussion followed in which Drs. Thudi
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He has regained the use of his lower extremities and can stand and
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