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redressed. His work on La and Lunacy published in 1864

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Mondays and Thursdays at 2. A course of Operative Surgery and

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The home is in connection with the Glasgow Association for aiding in

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partment as well as to all other medical subjects. His gentleness and

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on alternate mornings between 9 and 11. Two clinical lectures are

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Candidates who were in Practice as Dentists or who had commenced

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eliminants of water such as diaphoretics diuretics and purgatives I

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Salary j i 70 per annum. Applications by November nth.

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cine Principle and Practice of Medicine by Professor Paget

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juice as a preventive or cure except under extraordinary conditions

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The absence in these diseases of minute organisms from the blood is

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The following case is interesting as illustrating the usefulness of the

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appear that the French Government have any in their possession.

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Surgeons would hardly be of less importance than the splendid library

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workhouse medical officer applied for an interview with the guardians

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gress of the disease. The practical results are very good.

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commenced their duties at their respective hospitals as follows M.

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treatment. But that the result should uniformly follow in an unbroken