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contained fibrinous exudation. The sac commenced an inch from

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Brazil for treating ophthalmia are inert unless used in the form of an

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the ailment of which they are only the peripheral developments.

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long survive. A patient with sarcoma of the lower end of the femur

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squeezed showed frothy points at the apertures f the smaller bronchi.

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of Women is given at the Royal Infirmary by Mr. Greig Smith on

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cation of phthisis from the lower animals. He had been connected

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side we shall often have cause to remember this factor in the causation

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colleges. The laboratory is at length beginning to supplant the closet.

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There are wards for infants and children and there is a large detached

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ficate of moral character signed by a clergyman or a magistrate to

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The duration of the action of digitalis is usually longer than that of

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our responsibility of human life and death. Consider that there is not

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was boarded by a quarantine officer who ordered the pi grims to lie

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attended for this condition. On the ninth day after her confinement

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ventive measures he suggested that infirmary attendants should wear a

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made bankrupt. 1 think this should be sufficient caution to any young man

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having found temporary quarters at Penmaenmawr. Dr. Barry who

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complains runs up the ulnar.side of the forearm from the wrist to the

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restored then we should fix the joint after gradually bringing it into a

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minute to the family of the deceased. The annual meeting of the

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tent of the mortuary accommodation provided within the area of the

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iodine solution always produced in them the usual intense blue colour.

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A woman living in a semi detached wooden house was attacked with