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Start Button for Press Releases

Press Releases written for your business

Press Releases

Making contact with the media is an important part of building your business. If you want media coverage but don’t know where to start, or find that your press releases are regularly ignored, then we can help. We can identify potential stories for you, write and deliver them to our database of contacts. And after that, If you want to learn more about how to write effective press releases yourself, we can teach that too.

PR strategy

Writing a press release

PR Strategy

We take a holistic approach to how your business appears in words and pictures.  We offer an overview of your business and analyse its appeal to the media while suggesting improvements and set out practical steps to take the company forward.   We can give your company’s profile a lift and establish trust and recognition in your product.  If you have a particular publication in mind, we can call the journalist for you and pitch a story.


Corporate videos

A picture paints a thousand words…if you’re after a more comprehensive media cover and wish to promote your business visually then our TV production experience can really help you. We can make corporate videos for in-house use or short films for the web, and help build your company’s presence on ‘You Tube’ and the net.

PR Disaster planning

Stop button for bad press

Manage bad press

Bad news happens but how you manage it is critical. If a disaster happens on your doorstep we can provide a strategy to protect your image and implement it. In a time of crisis it is important to understand the law that governs the media. If a large group of journalists gather outside your door, we can provide you with clear advice on what is, and isn’t, acceptable behaviour.




The web

the word Blog in block letters

Ghost Blogging, your words written by us

Building a credible profile on the internet is becoming more and more important and we can help with this by getting you started with using social media. Your future customers and clients will expect nothing less. Not grasping this fact will leave you behind your rivals. But if you find writing a blog difficult or too time-consuming we can help with ghost blogging.

Literally we can write your blogs for you, once or twice a week or we can give you a masterclass in how to write a blog. In fact we can help you to build a blog and/or website at a fair price using our contacts across the UK.

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