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to Dr. Shinkwin to sutipcst fuTthcre gt ure cases. Take first
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Dr. Hermann Weber has added yet. mother namely septicity of the air
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rated it is capable of producing exactly all these results. The report
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the view to obtain reliable data upon which reforms should be based and
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There was great swelling of the tongue and floor of the mouth
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and chair seats. The vegetable soap extracted from the root has been
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days before she was shown an ordinary bromide rash appeared on the
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to Ejypt. Surgeon Major Robinson of the same garrison who had
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to force itself upon te hers in the medical schools of this country.
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overgrowth. All the growths were round celled sarcoma. In some
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sorcine lodate and Salicylate of Quinine Salicylic Camphor and
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ing a foreign body in the tissues. I employed for that purpose an
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The tumour was decidedly smaller the wrinkles beginning to return ia
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apparently for no mention is made of my earlier researches by Messrs
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sufficiently good to enable him to perform any surgical operation with
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under the circumstances we felt would be a difficult matter whan we
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importation of drugs and other chemicals into that country. Sir C.
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of acute cases in Fulham Hospital as evidenced by the number of
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supplied by the National Vaccine Establishment our correspondent should re
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Huxley Miss Florence Nightingale Mr. Robert Rawlinson C.B
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tised tor more than four years with a few slight modifications as these
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scholar. For special reasons it may be prolonged for a fifth year.
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The inaugural address of the Midland Medical Society for the session
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internally as in our modern hydropathic institutions the
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original College buidlings has proved insuUicient in every department
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living which presented malformatitms such as those classified by Sir
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patient went to Rio Janeiro. There he developed symptoms of being
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would not have any right to expect them to disregard what under the
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the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in Ireland and elsewhere
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rapidity an anTiular furrow of a depth in proportion to the impetus given
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three days after admission seemed nearly well and wanted to go home.
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lums Board on September 2nd the fever returns from the various hos
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opp rtcniTies have been lost both of nscertalning the origin of cpi
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lei expense than has hitherto been done. One of the conditions that
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power of the enfeebled muscles and the incompetence disappears and
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against ignorance and sentimentalism and we trust that his failure on
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afterwards must be considered Dr. Wilson thinks as due to infection
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Dr. Septimus Gibbon the Medical Officer of Health for the Hol
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ANDERSON S COLLEGE DISPENSARY Glasgow. Surgeon on Dispensary
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M. Passavant ilh the same object in view has proposed to make a