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of round ulcers in the stomach. In such cases M. Debove has employed

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the Honorary Secretar gt to the Volunteer Ambulance Department Aimy Medical

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have been presented by several o the great medical corporations and by

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be and often the waiting wis prolonged. As soon as the wounded

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September 27tb very suddenly. After a brilliant career as a student

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though less eager to keep up purely anatomical knowledge. For one

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There is another matter however to which it may be well that I

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the question which every thoughful man will put to himself is not what

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sented no evidence of vaccination. From the small number of cases

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proves step by step the fallacy of spontaneous generation. The im

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days respectively after the operation and that the average stay in hos

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the Royal Commission which the Association has always advocated as

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blade tied to the end of a stick. Severe hcemorrhage ensued but was

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which have occupied his second and will occupy his third lecture.

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ground rent and the maintenance of the remaining six beds. The

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bad tbercfute tu be somewhat altered since his death. It commenced

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stantly smeared with sulphur ointment of the strength of two dra hms

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Medical Department with the naval medical officers. I must say

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nervous centres as suggested by a French Professor at the International

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Plymouth is deserving of more than a passing notice. It goes to confirm

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drainage and water supply of these establishments should be of such a

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belter the tongue was cleaning. Digitalis and spirit of nitrous ether

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one naturally asks are there any facts concerning the structure or

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fifth of the ordinary inmates. I next proceeded to the female

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ribbed or grooved longitudinally. The table is spread with soft putty

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he thought the lower classes required instruction in the art of cooking

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