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was found to be impaired and the grasp was feeble when compared
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The Combe Lectures on Physiology and Health will this winter be
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considering the suggestions made to me yesterday as to enlarging the
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In his report on the Gloucestershire Combined Sanitary District Dr.
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three weeks and the field was sw.arming with bacilli and bacteria in
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result the cells themselves are imperfect both in shape and number
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be learned about the case. To omit some of these details would make
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as thoroughly educated who is ignorant of his surroundings and of
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vinced that immunity from illness and particularly from scurvy was
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that it be recommended to the Council 10 apply to Parliament for
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They had enormous difficulties to contend with but they contended
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of sore throat when occurring in Ihe young and the extreme persistency
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July 6th. He died having lived seven weeks and four days after the
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vember the difference in favour of the sea amounted to no less than
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certificate to the sanitary authority. Who would care to make a secret
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I believe there were fully as many more in the remainder. The child
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Elements of Natural Philosophy by Golding Lird and C. Brooks
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of construction in the frequented thoroughfares of Cannes. The
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fore certain to be conveyed into the blood yet it must be recollected
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Case l. Poslerior Sclerosis of the Spinal Cor J. A house porter aged
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mere mechanical stress upon the circulation. This was seen in a case
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First examination for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine.
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remedy the mischief. A small amount of chemical action takes place
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subject but would refer our readers to the answers given by Messrs.
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masses of minute organisms over and around the alTected glands. In
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which would lead to waste of time and would diminish the value of
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Royal Infirmary for Children and Women Waterloo Bridge Road.
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very much enlarged. Again in group c where the hearts are still
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easy the whole time. The upper aperture of the larynx was brushed