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has passed away receive no countenance from the author. We could
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than by the gallant commanders of the Ei yptian Expedition and by
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patches of calcified cartilage cells in the Ganoid became truly ossilied
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tory of ordinary dysentery or hcemorrhoids there is a something in
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dress in which he commenced by thanking the members for the honour
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hind Dundee and if necessary also to establish a small pcx hospital.
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cessful candidates must become students of the hospital. The William
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metropolis did not suffer more than those cross lines along which the
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Messrs. Evans Sons and Co. Liverpool and London exhibited
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account of the reaction of degeneration is very incomplete. His
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sion the diverticulum varied from the size of the vas deferens upwards.
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place on October 24th and the chief interest in the proceedings
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growth invades the looser connective tissues that it spreads rapidly.
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Sanitation last Tuesday to the Rathmines and Rathgar Sanitary and
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At all these establishments patients are very methodically treated.
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artistically tattooed on the back and chest and wore strips of palm leaf
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leolus and passed out one inch above the internal malleolus of the left
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fession could be obtained on the question of the advantages and
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