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and a surgeon general or deputy surgeon general at the age of 60

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gery and Midwifery. Candidates must produce certificates of good

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The soft parts were incised sufficiently to admit of more thorough ex

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The great importance of the study of slight injuries to the nervous

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ing and isolation of the patient from everything calculated to disturb

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mentum teres were prolonged a short way into the substance of the

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come by gentleness and patience and by the introduction of very small

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considerable modification and that to its defects the coll.tpsc of the

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layer of concrete. The churchwardens state that the coffin was closed

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justifiable. Nevertheless it was essential to keep quite distinct opera

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We regret to have to report the death of Dr. Edwards Crisp. This

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Pickard and Curry M. I illischer and others made such a show of

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trial of the leading remedies soon allows an opinion to be formed of

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and a special committee appointed in January last but which had taken

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important. For the literary man and the copying clerk writers cr.imp

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the next few months will treat of special electrotherapeutics in

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whilst the tongue was drawn forward with forceps and the flaps of the

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pounds according to thickness. Thus treated the ribbon dries in

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did not spread. Ninety nine deaths took place in Jodpore and among

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that there is a physiology whose devotees seem to think more of the

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with a view to cleanliness the floors are of concrete the walls are

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possessed of no specific disease character may on gaining entrance

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lightly drejjf d i.h carbolic lotion. Sticking plaster was applied to

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a suitable soil such as a saccharine solution begin in three hours

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practical and embraces the preventioa.ind treatment of diseases f culiar to

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Dr. Semper Professor of Zoology at the University of Wurzburg has

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ing is variable seldom less than five and often ten. These

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not reduce it but after rapid breathing easily did so.

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is therefore fairly complete. He did not however present himself

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the support of the hospital the medical teachers agreeing to devote

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few days of inanition.. post murlcm examination was only allowed

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tenable but he had never been able to obtain fast mortem evidence.

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the vessel above. My encircling fingers represent the circular fibres o

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by the medical attendant. It was bitterly opposed by the profession before its

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prove of practical service to those in medical charge of households in

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was boarded by a quarantine officer who ordered the pi grims to lie

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tinued low. For several days these were most carefully taken every

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dual houses. He found that the disease was diffused around the hos

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superior establishments of public instruction there has not been one

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is supplied by the appointment of Dr. Alexander Ogston. A new chair

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Tapti. At Chorra Poonjee 4.000 feet above the sea 600 inches of

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shall be filled up by competition and it shall be competent for the

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insu gt erable difficulties would be encountered in this direction. Dr.

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most unusual occurrence. As to ihe treatment he did not think the