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cases published in 1867 in the British Medical Journal excited

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tive teeth and who have skin eruptions and in whom the defect has

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slated to have been originally caused by vaccination at two months of

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the births occurring in that and the preceding years. For children of

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Mr. Simon question 2546 The point on which I was wishing to

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each. Jioo tenable for three years. Coldstream Memorial Medical

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Fee for two years hospital practice or lectures each lt 15s. Fees

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tion and vaccination fees. Election en September 20th.

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die from the effects of drinking in their own person a l t

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The subsequent history may be told in a few words. There was

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siderable benefit from the scenery and change more than from the

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detached fibrinous vegetations at the margins. The internal coat of the

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peritoneum and the iliac fossa was also lined by a smooth serous

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the interest of the public health of Edinburgh. As to insanitary houses

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one and it is hoped that the epidemic will be quickly suppressed. The

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Acts in our issue ol October I4ih p. 742 dwelt on the important

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the Royal Hospital has not special dcj lt arlmcnts for discises of women

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able neuralgia of fourteen years duration. Medicinal remedies blis

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vermiform appendix had occasionally been a cause of death in typhoid

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after every second vaccination the instrument with which he operates.

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dition of Warrington. Dr. Carter s comparison of the number of deaths

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so to speak between an unquestionable rheumatic origin and a cast

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can be easily ascertained by traction upon a string looped beneath it.

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before the Court of Queen s Bench as to whether the magistrates were

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generally recovered from it more quickly than adults or ihe aged and

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the Belfast Charitable Society for obtaining thirty feet additional front

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very simple basis the questions will narrow themselves down to this

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impossible. He found cbildren running about the streets whilst in

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Ihe most scrupulous comparisons of results as gleaned from histories

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Museums of Anatomy and Pathology of Comparative Anatomy of

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that every soldier sent to India costs the State 100. But I believe

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Mends is Director of Naval Transports and that the two other officers

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When M. Debove came lo the Society for the first time to.tale the

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