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had overtaken them. They were met together not only to confer the

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the professorship of Surgery which he has held many years. His suc

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the slight glycosuria of pregnant and suckling women and real diabetes

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attacked or about one per cent. So far from being an evidence of

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sprirging from its periosteum. The cut surface of the tumour appears

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The following honours and exhibitions have been awarded by the

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mascles with general tonic treatment. The energetic surgeon Pro

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cide. With Dr. Wcathcrlcy we cordially agree when he urges the

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their appreciation of the doctor s efforts to relieve the sufferings of the

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ancesof food in full. The necessity for vigilant supervision not only in this

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In one case when the rash was very slowly developed it assumed a

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Surgery at the Royal Infirmary Diseases of the Ear Dr. Kirk Dun

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import. mt cases will be fonnd repeated in all essentials in Ferrier s

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institution and in this we agree with him because if the majority of

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valuable contribution to tropical medicine creditable to the author

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ence that phlebitis or septicjemia were the forms of illness to which

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was greatly improved and the fundus could be seen with the ophthalmo

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of which that school has now become a branch so prominent and

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and Ingagane. The outbreak ceased in February. The total admis

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of the hospital secretary and of other members of the resident staff

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over affecting the mortality of Indian jails are no doubt at all limes

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the first stage of the operation making on opening 1 an

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tended to teach us that the less a wound once rendered antiseptic is

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Brown reports the case of an infant which under chloroform be

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classification and arrangement of knowledge. The subjects included

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school four days before the commencement of the session but since that

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plain why sshen Dr. Stokes of Dublin related his cases by the older

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orlable and breathing easily. The pultc was 84 and the

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nected with a the vaccinifers those connected with h the mode of

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With the view of arresting this epidemic to which reference was made

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present members represent the interests of the mass of the medical

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of this kind confers. And if instead of comparing Bolton s progress

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lysis of neighbouring cranial nerves e.g. the third and the facial we

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told by the mother was that Mr. Barry said that he would

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fered evidently from commencing granular kidney. On August iSth

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Medal with a Prize in money every two years for Reports of Surgical

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Sercus ophthalmia or running of the eyes develops more slowly

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severe and diarrh ei as might be expected is a prominent symptom.

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bear out the charges preferred by a special correspondent. Sir

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certain infectious diseases during an arbitrarily selected number of years