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which occurs on the tongue of young fowls and which we call
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may be judged of by the fact that she could neither move joint
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parts of the lung. Rusty sputum was frequent but not constantly present.
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thought water capable of curing almost every disease to which
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During the continuance of the stormy manifestations of
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are toxic to pale skinned animals. Urobilin belongs to the
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creation and certainly if the anatomical structure of the equine
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method in general into the closer consideration of which we can
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adhering to the shell. Hens and other female birds turn over their
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With Separate Detached Department for Alcoholic and Drug Habits
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of paralysis of the glottis by which it is contracted or the point
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of patients with tuberculosis to a hospital or other
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In the epidermoid portion of the lining of the nose which is
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owner should first examine into the food of the animals. It
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thyroid. This is not surprising in view of the well known mental
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swollen for four or five days. A similar swelling has
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Professor Strangeway s treatment which was very success
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charge of the overloaded veins. When sufficient blood has
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fifteen minutes changing alternately from hot to cold and
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three times a day. Eat no meat and be much out of doors.
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