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body of the medical staff and of the old students of the College.

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a gun shot wound of the internal carotid and the vertebral arteries. The

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Walsham Mr. Harrison Cripps and Mr. Shuter having been appointed

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cases of hemi achromatopsia already referred to also seem to have a

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a kimilar insight into tubercular tendencies in certain families. The

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in the second and one death from this cause was registered in Clonmel.

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boldly and explicitly gave expression to his strong faith in the efficacy

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Medicine Midwifery Clinical Surgery winter Clmical Medicine

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these cases the officers have acted under the instructions of the several

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GLENTIES UNION. Medical Officer for Ardaia Dispensary District. Salary

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One death from small pox was registered last week in Belfast of a

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of May 26tb. We are indeed obliged to lake exception to nearly every

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derelopment of the h.Temorrhagic diathesis was I felt a greater evil

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vaccinated under 10 is considerable. The protection afforded by vac

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institute proceedings against the person or persons who have been

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tended a Second Winter Course of Lectures on. natomy or a course of

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is taken of the sanitation of public elementary schools. In Clause 9S

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ably extensive caravan I think larger in fact than any I saw besides.

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yellowish. There is usually cedema of the eyelids and a superabundance

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appeared from the cases Mr. Netileship had collected to be the com

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of the Sanitary Commissioner with the Governxect of India during the

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cases of small pox were recorded in Baltimore. For the week ending

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stronger. In every instance the radial pulses wete of equal strength.