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liarities which are seen in chronic catarrh of the throat and
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Treatment. Whenever the obstacle can be reached with
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usually increase with the duration of the secretion until owing
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adrninistration of medication falls within the province of the pli
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pulmonary artery show eztreme dilatation with marked atherosderosb of
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consisting of pure rich creamy milk with extracts of wheat and barley
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severe and prolonged febrile attacks are taken to be
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The food should not be rich nor fattening as a condition of
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take the plunge bath at 5 a.m. Douche for three minutes at
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is they disappeared after the removal of numerous polypi from
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quantities of food against certain drugs or against
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in Posen Prussia on Aug. 4 1833. He studied medicine at
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they are very easily salivated with mercury. Emetics and
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chronic catarrh and sometimes the fact that they spring from
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may supervene. To relieve these symptoms full doses of purgatives
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occurs in children between two and seven years of age much
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constant. This constant is maintained in spite of a wear and tear
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this is one reason why the connection of cause and effect which
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bowel wall they are reconverted and these would be excluded while moderate and
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fifty little children in the Children s Hospital of
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chiefly upon the laryngoscopical examination but also upon the
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ately above its mouthy or external opening into the vagina.
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and a purge of aloes. If after the purge the bowels are
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The question is respecting the stomach in the nursery whether that
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at a little station in Virginia and he was informed
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after expulsion of placenta from vagina. No note as to symptoms. Pulse
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significance of these lesions he discusses with their clinical
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paralysis of the abduccns there being no other symp
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Dames Lectures on the Physical Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Lungs and
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period of the year independently of season and thus give rise
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dating the stomach and bowels with foreign and frequently
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with clinically cannot be fully explained by even the most searching
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smooth and fine. The color varies yellow yellow and white
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for sale articles of food. Also allowing the inspection
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tence of still further changes. Newly developed blood vessels
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tonus of the flexors and extensors of the limbs. By cocainiz
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in association with or following acute infections continuous y
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tonishingly enlarged in their diameter amp thickened. Hence such havoc
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supreme commander of the various mechanisms and structures for