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Evelina Hospital for Sick Children Southwark Bridge Road.
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built of brick and consisted of two oblong chambers one immediately
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general outcome of the Commission s labours. Sir Rutherford as Pre
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Mr. Henry Morris in reply said that he was very well acquainted
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advises his authority to see that the provision of these important sani
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For some years the mutual relation which cxisU between the private
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posure in removal. What right also had the State to interfere with
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About 150 old students and guests weic pitsjnt. Keiurning the chair
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foreign body. I next proposed to close tie fistula by a stitch of
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strict sanitary supervision of the more dans erou classes it would
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thereby the Local Government Board were led to reconsider the pre
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on that subject a Scotch general practitioner would not answer the
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the question. It is an accomplished fact that now belongs to
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kind of control over these other hospitals and their arrangements for
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inland baths which are powerful as medicinal agcnti. Though there
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the utmost benefit. He said it cannot be too strongly insisted on that
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The total mortality in Alexandria civil population for the last ten
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Our food supplies large as they are are still quite inadequate to
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readiness to engage for general service at home or abroad as required.
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lished in the Registrar General s last weekly return that the annual
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the groups appeared to be distributed at random. The motor cells
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heard of some retreat for habitual drunkards where such cases as her
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mantle of his worthy and well beloved father. That day they inaugu
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merit at such examination with priority over any joining under sub
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to finally revise the proposed rulen. A luggeation which was generally
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In Denver there is nearly four times as little moisture in the cubic
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remained on four weeks and the scar was like that described byjenner
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the days of a drying quality favourable for harvesting operations.
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University it is at least inconvenient for such a purpose and such
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patient however died of shock about an hour and a half after the
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animal viscera were analysed and in 51 cases poison invariably
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is modified for children and the strength of naphtol reduced. In
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C. Macnamara Marshall and Morris. Most uf the influential wit
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purulent fluid tinged with blood escajied in some quantity. These were
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Dr. Orton in the Bkitish JIedical Journal for January 7th in
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If we take the average rate of retrogressive diminution as to births
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their skin and lungs as well as a diminished secretion uf urine. It
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mitted that the small amount of lead found might be accounted for if
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Tulloch Scholarship interest ol C oct annually for. natomy. Physio
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other oculo motor symptoms appeared. This combination is nearly
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count upon the capital constitution possessed by my patient. Another
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The wandering superficial character of the ulceration so characteris
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in the body these fungi act mainly by abstracting oxygen. It is found
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I need scarcely reply to your query. How are such instances as
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that species of psychical intojication which vehement indulgence in
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cially involving the sensory tract thalamus opticus peduncular tract in
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Deputy Suroeox Gexeral Walker has been appointed Surgeon
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ruary ISib iSSi for use in certain cases consists in its exceeding
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Dundee. Acute di3e.ises of the chest caused 60 deaths or 13 less