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The temporary Sanitary Commission instituted by the Khedive after
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across the way with a record of what was accomplished during a like
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tarians they are in the broadest sense men of science. The depart
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and experience a few of his own brother officers instead of re
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sented to go to Parliament on a mere equality of votes.
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that ending.March 4th. The majority of the houses in which the fever
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arc several points of interest connected with this outbreak. lo the first
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greatest amount of profitable instruction. Then and not till then will
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causation of infectious disease in a family or public institution involv
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supplemented and corrected by the re examination of several of the
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allowed to stand it will be understood that the medical practitioner
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patient and that he formed under the influence of prejudice very un
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epidemic is that from which I have already quoted. As surgeon to the
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United States in this second volume we find eighteen article fifteen
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pnliating very plainly in all directions which pulsation ceased on pres
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selves most unattractive monotonous and wearisome and the respon
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pause occurs between its contraction and that of the auricles and a
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other person of a case of rheumatic fever treated with the tincture of
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The voice was somewhat high pitched yet not like that of a woman
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the penis and scrotum which the patient said appeared two days be
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which is chemically defective from having a tendency to fatty
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fact that Sir James Paget Professor Paijet of Cambridge Professor
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Botanical Gardens the equipmeot of the school may be viewed as in
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diphtheria all had albuminuria. All recovered. Tracheotomy was
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Musgrove Scholarship College Prizes each winter for first and second
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Asylnms Board there does not appear to have been any iastance of the
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tions which may present themselves amongst our troops remaining
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I waited until the inflammatory swelling had passed and soon the
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Sis I am attending a child with diphtheria. The medical officerof health having
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portant and may be the most important conditions at work. Eleva
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It may be conjectured however that like all true Scotchmen Sir
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logical conditions the month of August was on the whole favour
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of peculiar construction and costly charac er. The authorities are
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Certificates I. Of having attended the Surgical Practice of a recog
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leges existed. In the schools of medicine good work was done by
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during the year 1881 had Ijcen as large In relation to population as
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Here Fig. 5 are two pairs of such cross sections made in the
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the living body by means of ferments of the pancreatic type.
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which he was recently instrumental in rendering to the University in
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Were it not for the dearness of meat milk and other albuminous
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to 54. per 1000 and to this extent increasing the general average.
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wanted at Kassassin. He heard no grumbling. The hospital he con
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gravity loio to 1014 and contained albumen in varying quantities.
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dividuals in the close and infected cabins of a vessel which in times
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Again in the previous epidemic of 1S50 in the same island in which
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Army Hospital Corps. Turning to the issue of our contemporary for
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bsued an order directing that the milk of the cows belonging to a
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