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QUEEN S COLLEGE CORK. Chair of Natural Histor gt Candidates to forward
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lected for preparation should be carefully dissected by aid of macer
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free from fatal tymolici. Scarlet fever however was lurking in the
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devotion which ought to be the motive power of such a crusade will
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necessarily imply specificity of its cause a statement that in our
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Now a days the development of cardiac di ease appears to be regarded
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fuc the loading an l unloading uf every kind of conveyance from a
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wound was dressed. Two stitches had been absorbed and most of the
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When the time has arrived for the animal to be inoculated it is
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In 184S er sipelas being again preralent the wards were ordered to
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lely unknown. Thus it is both interesting and instructive to oh.
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of the medulla it extended more deeply into the texture. The floor of
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and borough asylums there has been a reduction during the year in the
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He had only one under the.Act. Many of Ihe latter applications had
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ordered in every case where the medical officer thinks necessary. JNo
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membrane but an exudation from the tonsil itself through the fol
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at once subject to the content of the Local Govcrnmenl Board.
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At a meeting of ihc committee of Medical Officers Afghan and
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and acquaintances. He had for many years been in delicate health
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llygi.copolis on the Muil and found to his sorrow that he had
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was supposed to have died from chronic lead poisoning but dissented
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of observations on its clnical importance. It had since been lound io
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ment the magistrate referred him to the relieving officer whom he
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addition to it of one who by natural ability and thorough training is
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quantity of water so as to ensure thorough precipitation of the bismuth.
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The only other solution that seems probable is that the foil injured the
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subsequently was with the Heda at Swansea that her sailors who
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proper. Every candidate so proposed shall be certified by the govern
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dominal cavity and tilling nearly half of it. This distension was
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came less SI It extent disappeared so that this giti
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results have been so encouraging that I do not hesiute to recommend
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permitted to pass under any part of the building and that all drains
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dots not. East winds it must be remembered though still preserving
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was a man with a wonderful reputation. With his two sons he founded
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maries among which are the following. Information may be obtained
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animal thai when allowed to putrefy it proUiccs local irrllslion in
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than sewer emanations and water pollution to which they do not even
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with one cxceptiuc she miscarried on the second day after the opera
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the sowing of the seed may entirely obviate or destroy the crop Fuller
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sions at once arrested but the drops rapidly disappeared and the kid
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Case i. Male aged 35 coachbuilder. Follicular tonsillitis fol
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blocking of the capillaries by the altered blood corpuscles. Fright in
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official declined to give promising however to bring the matter before
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rence after the tonsil inflammation because of the facilities which exist
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are well advanced in years and whose vessels are atheromatous and
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