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ments. I fear the original 6nders were annoyed at finding only doctor s

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proved by the facts that twenty six of its members have reached the

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In November iSSi I.accompanied an expedition to the above named

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were ten antiseptic dressings and his temperature was normal

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We regret to have to report the death of Dr. Edwards Crisp. This

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instant. It signalises a new departure in toxicology and is the more

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pits should be emptied and filled in and the space beneath the setit

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death. In the second case a deep ulcer partly healed was situated

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smell and taste is a decided advantage. Adcpsine oil is a bland

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body acted like electricity and galvanism in a stimulating mariner.

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base of the dye is bismuth. The following is the formula. Bismuth

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Association held at Londonderry on September 7th Dr. John Moore

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the infection has r. far in the lower hniLis. There is plenty

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from the falling tin ic bars into an ashpit below provided

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that Ihey will not yield up their water. The useleuness of one ol

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Just before the Worcester meeting I saw a well marked case and as

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him and he was ordered a mild saline aperient which was effective the

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pathology had formerly rj eek for this thelicst way he could. Tbcrc

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prospect of this one being established on a firm footing and being

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Nettleship and Mr. McHardy the latter having a tilting mirror for the

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the unvaccinated at 0.5 years of age against 6.5 at the same age

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numerous patients are in every asylum in cleaning the ward which he

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tions. With such evidence as this it is not to be wondered at

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greater dbadvantages as regards dima. e and procuring proper diet.

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to nnderstand the usual manifestations of disease I hold that J a man

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The staff of the Dental Hospital of L ndon consists of Consulting

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at the inner side and any attempt at movement ap earcd tocause great

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question were the same that in the present day we call typhoid fever.

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them. He found that though the virulence of these poisons had been

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nothing remarkable to record about his temperature. He improved a

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during life. And finally I could bring forward cases where I had the

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We shall presently return to the question of what the snprapapillir

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forty and that no hospital should receive patients except from the dis

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that no unnecessary and fictitious worries should be allowed to interfere

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who be lieUeved must have some power of discerning an injury which

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aperture would not admit the point of a No. 5 catheter. Inside the

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Aid Institute is the only dispensary with the provident element and

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Some may think this view of the matter savouik too much of the

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giving it a fair trial to kindly communicate their results to him.

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ligature he procured the aorta of an ox and experimented with it.

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The usual sulphur ointment was prescribed. I saw the patient from

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there are a large number of more severe cases which cannot be

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sheaths throws off particles of poisonous exudation which find their way

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prompted thereto by its reasonableness and by the desire to retain the

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examples of this and one which will probably raise some discussion

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medical journals or in the pages of woiks specially devoted to the

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cussed such as the appointment of a nursing comrnittee on which the

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pomts to the importance of trying to discriminate between old intra