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spreading there. The following account of the epidemic is interesting.
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the Irish Government to attend upon persons in indigent circum
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premature labour. The whole proceedings were conducted under the
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with leaflets interspersed between the prisms and in them we find a
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severe though generaJly slight. They lasted from two to four days.
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be vaccinated direct from the animal. Since leaving Manningtree 1 have suspended
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allowed to rest until some radical change has been accomplished and
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zymotic disease. The officer of health calls advises removal and on
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Crocker and Mr. Sangster were requested to examine the case.
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we noticed Spencer Wells Pressure Forceps made of various sizes
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turn. There W2S an insufficiency of clothing. He did not think there
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giU and your readers will find this passage The President
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which leaves nie the amount of my claim free of all deductions and
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Taking all these circumstances into consideration it is obvious that
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munication and to separate what was essential from what was useless.
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nursed a child who appeared very ill and whose evacuations had soiled
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charges that may be made by reckless persons whether in or out of
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the cealons concurrence of the Universities and Corporations in our
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cal Travelling Prize and a Surgical Travelling Prize value of each
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On every Thursday a calf which is ready to yield lymph is placed
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primipara who had a tedious labour was delivered on May 26th
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the infirmary perfectly well for the purpose of resuming his occupation
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and the other business of the agenda be postponed to the next meeting.
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thorough education in every branch of the profession.
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lopment is produced the specific germ of a specific disease. That some
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limited from leaving London on July 25th till my return on. Vugust zSth.
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