Hidden businesses who don’t realise their worth

I’ve just spent a week in Scotland combining work and pleasure with a trip to various places from Edinburgh and Scotland.
It’s been over a decade since my last visit so I really enjoyed the chance to travel around and enjoy the beauty of the scenery – wow, Edinburgh is wonderful.

One of the places I stayed was the Leny Estate near the small town of

Callander, about an hour from Glasgow.

I had stumbled across it on the internet and the idea of a log cabin on a Scottish mountainside appealed to me.

I didn’t know what to expect from this booking – although this business has an internet site, it’s little more than a brochure, and most contact was through leaving phone messages and trusting that a receipt would arrive for money paid.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy trust, it’s so important. But usually it’s something that’s built up over time.

Although the vibe from this company was good, its social media standing is close to zero in a market place that’s bursting at the seams with similar offerings.
But when we got to the Leny estate it was simply breath-taking – beautiful, private, secluded, a small stately home (five-star), six small log cabins which were perfect (four star) and elsewhere on the site some small cottages for hire.
In the four days we were there, we had everything we needed, we were not bothered by anyone, the scenery was beautiful, I cannot praise it enough. The only small problem we had was an ill-fitting sheet for one of the beds and once reported, a new sheet was on the door step within the hour.

I could not believe that only two cabins appeared to be occupied in the first week in August. Why, oh why, is this business not shouting about itself from the rooftops?

In these times of economic woe, can any business of this kind afford to have empty rooms? empty spaces? Perhaps they can.
As we travelled around, it was clear that there are log cabins, holiday homes, cottages, B&Bs all over the place. All the more reason to stand out from the crowd.


All the more reason to invest in some good PR to make sure you are head and shoulders above the rest.
Did I leave my business card? Am I hoping that the owners read this blog? Yes on both counts.
Even when something is exclusive, it’s important to shout about all of those positive factors about your business. Be proud, ask for endorsements, ask for recommendations.


It’s not enough to hope that people will stumble across your website,

now is the time to be proactive – it’s one of the keys to survival.

leny estate – great place to stay, where’s the pr
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