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occurred some time afterwards caseous tubercle of the brain was found.

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April 24th He was much more intelligent and more ready in his

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March iSth. The pains had continued but not worse than before.

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James Simpson under the title of spurious hermaphroditism. He

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The second meeting of this session was held on November 9th Dr.

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sublime panegyric on the greatest of all created beings

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direction of the fibres of the subjacent sternohyoid and thyroid muscles

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DENTAL HOSPITAL OF LONDON Leicester Square. Administrator of

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Duclaux has not extended his work beyonditspresent narrow limits. He

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the facts connected with the subject. The faults which belong to the

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Mr. Thomas Sansome West Bromwich exhibited twenty two speci

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chiefly from obstructed venous circulation or from defective water

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till 10 they should certainly have their vaccination tested even if the

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for two years. Her limb was a little tlexed and abducted and she

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of an arteriole with a small branch atlected with periarteritis the

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care as a vaccinator Times report September 5 h. The evidence on

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the populous towns of Blackburn Darwen etc. where trees are

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free throughout from all signs and symptoms of brain disease. Is not

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being in many cases practically the judge as to whether an inquest is

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of the to al cases among these persons reported to Dr. Tripe occurred

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menstruum of not less than 75.9 alcohol with an excess of water

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tion.s 1 2s. Practicil Midwifery and Practical Pharmacy and Patho

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District Board in completing their arrangements the guardians have

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and the patient died on the eighth day from exhaustion. P03