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gestion. The child became delirious the next night Tuesday and
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affects the upper the least the lower rone the most. Exag
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heavy and expensive machines made with crutches. The apparatus I
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originality of the views which are taken regarding the nature of various
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from all the symptoms of pyo pneumothorax. The patient a man aged
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tion per se or by their incidents are seriously entered upon and evidence
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is now well known to every obstetrician the latest and most scientific
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Mr. Thomas Webb of Cheadle Staffordshire died on Wednesday
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day January 17th iSSj. Gentlemen desirous of becoming members of
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difficulty without rupturing the cyst. The ureter was divided and
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culties that very few of the Medical Bills brought forward have
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systematically conducted rather than by forcile movement although
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Walters that the illuttrioui patient has been much easier since the
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women. The initial lesion of this form of syphilis is described as being
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f nbed though it may long have ceased to be appliable to the
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There is no question of examining into any charges of misconduct or
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scale be allowed. Ir. Collingridge therefore comes to the conclusion
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of silver the patient being etherised. This proceeding was followed by
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cial illumination is required to show it in anything like a satisfactory
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adhesions will be found to give way rapidly with very little force.
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effective. During each pain I pressed up the extremities until the
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held last ucck the question of establishing a hospital or devoting a
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diction of the rural sanitary authorities who unless they apply
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use. In giaduating these instruments M. iVlalassez has calculated
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ncighbourhooil were visited by an epidemic of comidetable severity.
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the reception of infant patients suffering from diarrha a with a view to
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interfering further. The wound was dressed with carbolised cotton.
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to make invaluable comparisons between medical teaching ten years
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thai in effect we can represent the various layers by dividing the wall
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eongralulaled on this mark of royal favour fairly earnol by long and
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valium's contribution to our new normal
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which more than temporary relief followed paracentesis.
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damp and unhealthy many of the houses being undrained and some
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two vital questions presented themselves. I. Is the want felt by some 1
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together because his arm gives spasmodic jerks. The pain of which be
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be nothing to distingui h the sorc thtoat under which he labours from
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Surgeons would hardly be of less importance than the splendid library
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close the entire length of a cleft extending through both hard and soft
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than houses going in other directions from the hospital. In point of
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neath turf but they must be taken up periodically as they are
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it and the repealed and prolonged attacks of nausea with which it
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University of Glasgow. Fees each course 1 3s. except
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It would be proper enough to distinguish these as cases of abortive
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be the first consideration to which even cos shcnild be subordi
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mention of them however will serve to show the direction in which
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Glancing over the British Medical Journal of 1S66 I read
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with the men belonging to Her Majesty s services. Checrs. I shall
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upon the extension but it was felt that any interference with the
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I looked over the latest numbers of the British Medical Joujinal