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the children succumbed. That these diseases are for the most part
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of Disease Is the pathology of obstetrics and of gynaacology to be
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are apprehensive lest Sir Garnet Wnl eley s recommendation should be
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shows that greater attention has been paid to the sanitary anangements of
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Professor Stirling gave a special lecture in the physiological class
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against the London hospitals a prolonged and exhaustive inquiry by
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bific influences but also to all classes of fungi. The solution is
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iSSi a resolution was passed in the following terms with only one
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Thomas. He began to work in two direcions he tried to find
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took up the matter and proposed that we should form a quaternary
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tious disease existed for the provision of hospital accommodation
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mainly no doubt from chimneys but it reminds one of the breath of
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also impending of which no one could tell the results but which was
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of their friends had had scarlet fever it is reasonable to suppose some
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resources amounting as it did to about 3 000 a year. The managers
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is at the command of the ordinary inhabitant of the British Isles. The
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are several smaller rooms for the curators and for demonstrations. On
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Mr. DewaR London thought Mr. Garstang s second case was not
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and in Copenhagen. Also at a later date Dr. Dristowe in his annual
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The Royal Irish Constabulary Mr. W CoRBET asked the Chief
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already mentioned caused 297 deaths or 14.6 per cent of the total
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liver of patients suffering from infantile diarrhoea. A section through
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members of the troops volunteers or general public. Happily no
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that the free hospitals abuses and all are warmly approved by the
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di advantages. Resides Ihe trouble involveil the only drawbacks that
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penditure on these services has been spared to put the buildings in a
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Sir In his short letter to the Journal of October iSih Dr.
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the old and sharply defined landmarks will be found to have faded
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io this case was most injudicious. He of course acted quite propctly
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lately. She was ot florid complexion. On Monday and Tuesday last
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hygienic measures of mana lt jement were employed. The recovery in
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form. Whereas the incidence of the attacks on the east and south
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This body the composition and origin of which the author hopes to
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Considerable commotion has been raised in the beer brewing and
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one may apply slight scarification to the same parts.
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to those seen in the eruptive fevers of man and finally caused the
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a means of popularising a generally approved principle this picture
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efficacy of which all competent authorities are thoroughly agreed great
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and the o her to Disease of Women. Students can enter for six
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who held the chair of physiology Dr. Anthony Todd Thomson who
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the Native Indian Passengers. ct3 almost entirely prevent any risk of
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recognises its excellent antiseptic influence on granulating surfaces he
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Ihe adult population than any oihe cause. In Paris where hospital
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sickness sorrow and death the doctor s visit looked forward to with
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was valuable to the working classes to whom it was addressed. The
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the profession. The cases I have had have all been clearly marked
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the highest importance to the profession at large as if the notification
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daily for several days withoit any marked eflTect except that of moder
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been appointed a demonstrator of Anatomy in place of Dr. Carrington.
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fingers. An abdominal bandage was now fir ily applied and in about
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at some length on the question of vivisection and characterised the