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firms for a full supply of microscopes for demonstrations etc.

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from scurvy when the supply of meat was unlimited. Even in this

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Bennett. It has been arranged that the first meeting of the Academy

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year. Medals and Certificates of Honour lor groups of subjects viz.

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Physician to the Sheffield Public Hospiut Lecturer 00 Medicine in the Sheffield

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morning finding that the child was much worse Dr. Day was called

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that coupled with the statement that has been read from Sir Garnet

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done in respect of the necessity of stimulants in health and each time

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recovery as regards the general health being complete. The disease

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tors. On the contrary we have in cor.nection with the Fulham

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heart. It would appear therefore probable that the abnormality just

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in reference to the personal treatment of the patients and its interior

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duce blisters indifferently. It is therefore with hesitation that I say

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your opinion upon the following case which occurred some time ago.

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p.ay any sum for medical attendance as they are provided with such

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due to a gradual asphyxia due primarily to the injuries and extravasa

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NVielen Canton Grisons Swiucrland October 30th 18S2.

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taking. Speaking from his own experience whilst a student at St.

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sewage. He commended to the consideration of English sanatists the

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Secretaries. Members of the Association not belonging to Branches

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no cutaneous eruption. Kurlher it is suggested when possible that

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John Willis Clark has been appointed treasurer to the fund.

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fluence of light on them as illustrated by experiments made by Profes

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original objections and whicb has never yet been bfi ught before the

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several new methods of great value into practice. Among these the

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Dr. Brookhouse Nottingham said after discussion the medical

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senting a superficial abrasion becoming circular and deeper by a slow

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The following table from the appendix shows this fluctuation

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days as many as fourteen cases had been reported. After sorne dis

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Breathing was quiet the temperature was 101.2 in the morning and

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the High Commissioner s opinion the outbreak largely due to

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degrees and diplomas. Certain people said a French philosopher

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the Cardiff Infirmary on October i8th 1S81 from the Union Hospital