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hard and very tender to the touch moreover there w. is evidence of
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be maintained by artificial means as long as the cicatrisation of the
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infection to neighbouring streets or hoi ses in spite of the best inquiries
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mushrooms is brilliantly coloured. No doubt there is truth in the
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resolved to tie the innominate. A silk ligature was accordingly placed
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The Secrrt.iry of the College of Surgeons of IMinbargK Dr. Payne London
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tive or evolutionar anatomy may probably throw some light on this
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proval of the Secretary of State and that the special grounds for the
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Mute Velloiv Atrophy of the Liver in a Child. Dr. AsHBY showed
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femoral iliac and other arteries and never had secondary hcemorrhage.
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irere tension of the clots and pus in an abscess when the discharge
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took an active and influential part in the introduction of nitrons acid
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phthisis Dr. Drysdale believed that the hereditary character of phthisis
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the interest of the public health of Edinburgh. As to insanitary houses
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