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which had determined that quinine given subcutaneously to dogs

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pneumonias may be divided roughly into three groups. Ordinary

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of use and small doses of saltpetre in the drinking water to

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severe pain in the cheek. But it is to be remembered in this

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skin is relaxed or incumbered by that oily exhalation which

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is duricef a strong antibiotic

Mb. Pkiessxitz thinks that in the great majority of cases con

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There is usually a partial loss of the sensation of smell more

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The muscular coat as we have seen grows quickly but the

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word deafness as a sign in the localization of intracerebral

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The heart is occasionally distinctly hypertrophied and in

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prdbably was in a small branch from the middle cerebral artery supply

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examinations of his urine. Nothing abnormal was detected. During the

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Roth 8 examined in 1914 twelve fat free tinctures of digitalis

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external contamination not only Ey the shell but by a

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with small amount of colloid. The parathyroids are of normal size and

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A picturesque letter in which he anticipates animal experimenta

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ckueetu General HoepUal AtfMant in Surgery Hartard Medieal

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was kept of them. We studied carefully 315 cases and ezerdsed 158

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duces disturbances of speech and of hearing. In ordinary par

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The progress of a thought through this simple diagram can be

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warm comfortable flannels mufflers neckcloth hat etc. In

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may all lead to an attack and since the three conditions

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as a rule it terminates in death but cases are not rare where

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instance the danger of subsequent infection is much greater. In all

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maximum intensity during the forenoon was performed the fetus stHl being alive

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from the blows which the horse receives. As soon as you per

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CMlIectioos of pus were very common occurring in the interlobar spaces

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of the morale concept will be resolved until we can arrive at better

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monary tuberculosis and even cancer may have their etiology illu

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bronchial secretion is the more translucent the less the quantity

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regular intervals should be offered and if any is left in the