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enjoys unrivalled opportunities in his contact with medical men

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observations were investigated by Dr. Dudfield and submitted to the tribunal of

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mittee for its advancement was appointed by the Lancashire and

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approved and adopted last Saturday. The scheme had previously been

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free from symptoms of cholera. She arrived off Aden on the 26th and

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From the six experiments which I have described it is safe to infer

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Lately the Medical Oftioer of Health for Glasgow in his unceasing

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Association held at Londonderry on September 7th Dr. John Moore

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surgeon to the Stockport Infirmary which post he held to the time of

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fession could be obtained on the question of the advantages and

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admission to the workhouse infirmary. Dr. Siddall complains that the

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tical investigations of Donders Helmholtz and others have borne such

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the Royal College of Surgeons on the Medical Council had in their

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fairly movable and could be easily removed. Life might thus be

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Bromide of potassium or ammonium is useful m relieving cerebral dis

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the British Medical Joirnau But the lacts and history collected from time

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crutches which are necessary in other plans of treatment at this stage.

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ingly identical species may possess very different properties. So also

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Clinical Demonstrations are given from time to time by the staff on

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possible bearing on our present subject the state of our knowledge

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in ad Tsing persons competent to act as to the measures which may

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galvanometric experiments. The resistance offered by the epidermis

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maladies which were in existence. He might assume that some kind

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