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cumstances previous to immersion in either tepid or cold
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assume that very few cases escaped detection. This assumption
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cases are grouped as follows. Group 1 Resting febrile.
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the use of Bastian s thirty four tests shows no sensory
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have abandoned it and turned to something else. For if
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suppuration and abscesses form they must be freely opened
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cities of the State in 1910 and 1911 it is found that
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When In chronic cases there is considerable deposit of
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dipped in hot water. To prevent evaporation and rapid cooling
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married life was an invalid suffering from a chronic pulmonary
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and of the vessel walls causing partial obliteration of lumen.
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The hemorrhages did not recur and the infant left the
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sale of such sheep and the purchase of other stock will prove
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of the present problem of infant mortality. He advocates
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the production of WELCH S. This extends even to the
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plan has recently been recommended again by Weinlechner for
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which such growth may affect unfavorably the child.
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misfortune to such people to be furnished with covering for
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and mononuclear cells. The streptococci remain almost entirely
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lady felt violent palpitation of the heart and numbness of the