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the present time. We have been particularly struck by this fact in

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Dt. Imlach and the insufficient recognition of the established fact

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seemingly strong condition who presented himself at the IvanhofF

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regulations issued by the Board are payable to medical officers in cases

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up the Council of the College announcing in their last report that in

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colic and constipation. There was a blue line on his gums. These

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scribing. Students must attend each hospital alternately for six

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arsenic in large quantity was detected. Beyond these 652 suspected

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gress it was announced that Dr. Layet of Bordeaux had gained the

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also boast of the discovery of antesthetics by Sir James Simpson and

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and not long since received a bonus for meritorious vaccination. The quality of

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quences. Trephining gradually declined in estimation during the time

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not on the clinical evidence but on the results of histological examina

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truth. There must have been some cause for that arrest and in most

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self and his comrades and some of the kind words that have been

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At the interim meeting of the managers of the Metropolitan Asy

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expressed by Manec that the presence of a coagulum within the

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acid and then repeatedly washed out with freshly prepared distilled

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tween exudation and absorption destroyed. Leichstenslein has recently

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every hospital the medical element shall be absolutely supreme. It is

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with acute double pneumonia of which he died on December i6th.

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on this point exist it is obviously a question on which the collection

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Dr. Seaton or the equally exhaustive and careful report by Dr. Thome

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Six of the children were vaccinated from five separate sources of lymph

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the justness of my reclamation and I am equally convinced that fur

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they can be got at from outside. Many of these houses have privies

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Malal ar space was abundant and 153 soldiers were accommodated in

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for three years and there was no history of any alveolar abscess. Thj

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and worked diligently in the wards of one or more hospitals and

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Calabar bean was stopped. He bad been very easy up to ibis time.

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when it ransacks heaven and earth or illustrations of unity and design

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other licensing bodies. The new department of Midwifery and

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there was no more to ccme. The apparent desire to pass water was

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diseases of Europeans in India and the oractice of medicine in that