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these cases the disease was not arrested but that the recovery was

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fessors as well as students. Given the professors their mode of teach

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the cause of death was bronchitis any further remark they might wish

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The discover of the tubercle bacillus by Koch and the highly

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essay on Abscesses including sinus and fistula and diffuse suppura

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of ten days. Bromine diflused in the air produced the same results at

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ment in the remainder of the cases the treatment consisted of

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page 117. Sometimes there may be only a descending meso colon.

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Each dose contains two minims of dilute hydrocyanic acid ten minims

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of Lithzmia to Cirdiac Prognosis and Treatment. 5 ilr. Abbott Antiseptic

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jected more or less to contact and association with consumptive patients

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O I last heard of patient two weeks ago when her health

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zymotic disease. We observe in a recent report of the health officer

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Accordingly on June 9th the patient was brought into the theatre.

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efficiently the patient should be made to lie upon a prone couch.

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