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Smith London called attention to the possible connection between

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fessional character signed by two registered medical practitioners to

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apex remains unaltered it is now greater than either diameter of

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and calm herself whilst I tried to obtain further information from the

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to the General Secretary not later than 21 days before the meeting

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and twenty deaths tabulated as occurring during or immediately after

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be first causes for the foundation of change anj for the continuance of

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permanganate of potash into each puncture and applied a poultice of

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less than in the preceding week. Dr. Bertillon publishes in his weekly

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classification and arrangement of knowledge. The subjects included

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parous follicles contained in it are quite sufficient to explain why the

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contains an interesting table summarising the points of interest in the

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the North of Ireland Branch in Derry Dr. Walter Bernard of Lon

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was taken ill about the 21st apparently from cold and was laid up

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the nervous system is early differentiated from the other structures it

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and practical. Their recognition of the intermediate education system

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cases are especially favourable fi r treatment by forcible movement.

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Devonshire Hospital Buxton. A meeting of the committee

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form the writer of the direct value of my vaccinateur trephine.

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tion to their knowledge of modern languages and natural sciences. 9.

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receives very general acceptance based upon ibe admirable experi

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healthy organism. Thus necessarily they comprise many affections

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duce the house surgeons tu an entirely subjrdin.ite injsition insulting

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shutting off the nose from the mouth. In 1S64 Dr. Norman Kingsley

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which leads to its development into a being similar to the one from

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ology to exile themselves to foreign countries in order that they may

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be found in the inquiry concerning the etiology of the acute specific

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its author. It must of course be in the possession of every medical

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ninth day and these three on foil mortem examination were all

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In 1866 a proper recrcition ground for patients was opened.

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belladonna the presence of which has been inferred from the physio

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after labour which has been compared to an open sore. He believes

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carbolic spray and to this and the other antiseptic precautions em

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be increased by omitting from the title the word caruncle. In true

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case occurred at this village subsequently. Mr. Fosbroke says

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The Secretarj Mr. Judge read the formal notice convening the

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nu.lril and lachrymal punclum and continued to flow in considerable

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lation were 54 tlS and 109. In the Tunjab the deatbratesof ihefree

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process of manufacture and the nature of the acid being entirely oil

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ventilation in it he proposed to ventilate sewers by gas chimneys

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