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iodide of potassium. During the next month he had occasional sick

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In 1870 Mr. Martin of Birmingham was instructed to provide a

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conduct has not been such as becomes one of their licentiates and

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and have resulted in obtaining the signatures of upwards of fifty of the

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the medical learned and scienlific societies of the metropolis. To this

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Dr. Wharton Hood issued in a separate form some lectures which had

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revealed at the post mortem examination. As Dr. Jackson sa s well

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ordinary type. A Lancashire Landlord asks when legislation

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Surgeon to the Richmond Sareical Hospital Dublin Member of the

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men on pilgrimage from Mecca. One of my patients told me that the

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Appointment. Two resident and one non residentHouse Physicians

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who bad been for seven years under observation was also regarded as

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probable. The President said that such cases were very rare.

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and offensive manufactures and trades the removal of nuisances

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to perform. I propost therefore to follow up the line of thought which

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mur at the summit on one side without conclusive evi.lence of tuber

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sarca. After many remedies including inhalation of ether which

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which would be ludicrous ji its very absurdity were not the issues of

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BRISTOL EYE HOSPITAL Lower Maudlin Street. Honorary Surgeon. Appli

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mote rapidly than those living at a luwer elevation their pulse in

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to touch his extremities were cild pulse 8S scarcely perceptible

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pressed more particularly by Mr Macnamara in quoting from the

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from one arm to another. The points it is admitted had undergone

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stables is another situated in an entirely separate building in which

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ball match in aid of the fund was played last Saturday. This attracted

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management of the prisons are in some respects unduly severe. It is

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male child. The third stage was quickly jmpleted and the uterus

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made a careful examination of the body on the preceding afternoon.

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The man was detained for military reasons at Netley until July

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patient is placed on a tabic of convenient height facing the window

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course of lectures on physiology briefly addressed the students calling

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follows 34 for the whole curriculum 12 for special courses and 3 as

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Dr. CULLINGWORTU Manchester said those who were acquainted

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for attendance at some or all of these special hospitals or the Royal

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could be done either by making the preparation in a Strieker s moist

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how could it develop Like the other sciences it had been carried to

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to malarial fever and also to enteric it cannot correctly be designated

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that no unnecessary and fictitious worries should be allowed to interfere

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found in the male by distension of the rectum though those have

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nurses sent out under the auspices of the Ambulance Society. Mr.

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there was found to be a marked abnormality in the situation and

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influence of public opinion and they gave verysoundguarantees for their