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sought after. Alluding to the want of accommodation for out patients

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The fluid used in the experiments about to be described was collected

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pos ible that the part affected was any other than the lacrymal gland.

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back he died. Examination of the body after death showed that

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including human anatomy and physiology that the time usually spent

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focd. The two who were previously affected in their extremities now

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The ocular conjunctiva of the lefl eye which had been somewhat

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typhoid fever five from diphtheria none from dysentery.

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writing from Cairo under date of September iSth that at Ismailia at

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tines was I think unquestionably the secret of recovery in this patient.

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lingered until the second week in June and then died from exhaustion

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Pembetton has had three cases of ligature of the common femoral

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tion the patient should take some emetics followed by purgatives and

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one of the five routes indicated for the degree in question. A certain

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a decided opinion in favour of handing over the preliminary examina

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and at times violently delirious in which state she remained for five

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not wishing to compete with some of the industrial companies

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gives a course of Medical Physics at Minto House at 3 r.M.

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A Tricycle Ride. At the Hammersmith Police court a Fellow

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and Dispensary contains 110 beds. Students are also admitted to the

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Prince Leopold Duke of Albany had graciously consented to become

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There was no loss of taste or smell. The left Eustachian tube was

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stai at least twenty minutes elapsed before jTtitch

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so that the sections in the diagrams are rather oblique for the right

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prevail. The above figures do not include the cases ol sickness

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these and where the doctor s commenced. Chemists had better not

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of notice for lumpy accumulations may remain in the bowels after

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and possibly a recrudescence of the cholera which a ipcared in Mama

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through the incision made or the exposure of the fractured surfaces

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ophlhalfnotcope revealed doulile papillitis. In the left eye and to the

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cases there was an acknowledgment of over indulgence in the pleasures

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gentlemen who have a qualification in Medicine or Surgery. Clinical

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case in which chromicised catgut was used in preference to the older

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addicted lo drink and certainly had not been drinking when Mr Power

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bitter draughts. If the disease does not yield to these means blisters

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The President said as Dr. Swete was not present to answer the

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annus medicus in the University of Glasgow must before presenting

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voice and give their opinion in sanitary matters but they have no

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large proportion of past and present teachers in metropolitan and pro

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JJEQUESTS. Mr. James Bourne of Stoke bequeathed i ooo to the

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list of the various diseases the number of patients suffering from each

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value about 40 to the most distinguished Graduate in Medicine of

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delivery. The patient a multipara had suffered severely from head

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of in this way excellent regulations for the isolation of patients and

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priated together with other supplies such as tobacco and although

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sceptics of the efficacy of vaccination and antivaccination agitators

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seat of ligature had alw.iys occurred. As the would not

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origin of the subclavian artery. It was seated upon the first two

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diseased carcases. When meat is seized under the Public Health Act

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examine and in each division we must distinguish as far as possible