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may even shorten it. Out of eight cases in which the administration
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nutrition of the patient is mwch depressed. When this is the case
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boots only should be employed because the pad to be efficient must
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and neck led to a diagnosis of intracranial mischief. Although seda
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Medical and Chirurgical Society. The chair was taken by the Presi
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another which may I think reasonably give us a lively hope.
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they had meat almost daily but it was exceedingly tough.
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curvature. He can stoop down to the ground with perfect ease and
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Next day December 15th the patient having been etherised an in
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So much for the school and now for the university. Matters are I
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nitric acid in cases of simple cxoalnsis applied to the tumour in the
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m great pain the heart is acting powerfully in consequence of great
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medical practitioner to whom he had been apprenticed has a rattling
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of the schools authorities. At the same lime they would demand the
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the air reached the freezing point live times in December and once in
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mouth with it and when the infant is suckled rises up against the
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tum. The septum has bulged into the cavities to make up for its
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I think our returns of iKilh surgical and medical cases will well licar
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